Our founder Clara Song grew up in Seoul, South Korea, the skincare capital of the world. She was raised with a skincare routine, it was simply who she was with a strong emphasis around prevention and proper hydration.

The name Catherine Jinn is a combination of East and West, then and now. Our skincare beliefs are focused around traditional Korean methods yet we strive to meet the needs of today’s customer through our modernistic packaging.

Today’s skincare enthusiast isn’t the same enthusiast as it was 20 years ago. We were limited to what was stocked at the location we chose to purchase our products at.

Fast forward to today and we can buy whatever we want, wherever we want, whenever we want. Most skincare brands still haven’t evolved with the times, they use packing for store shelves and ship it through the mail. Unfortunately the excitement quickly escapes us as we open the smashed box and rushed packaging.

Catherine Jinn’s newest products are packaged for today’s skincare enthusiast. The new products are prepared to capture the excitement we all love when we the package arrives. Each layer of the unboxing from the package all the way to the product tell our story and dedication to you.

A bokjumoni, a traditional Korean pouch is placed carefully around each product. The bokjumoni is a part of Korea’s traditional dress and said to bring good luck. The red logo was stamped by hand with a Korean hand carved stamp.

Each product was carefully wrapped in one of eighteen different color pouches with the hope of bringing you good fortune.

We believe in the whole experience and strive for something that people are proud to be a part of.

** Bokjumoni colors were randomly placed on products. Pro Bio Placenta Essence does not come with a bokjumoni or mailer.

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