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Anti Wrinkle Serum

Pro Bio Placenta Essence

anti-wrinkle serum


hyaluronic acid cream

Extreme Moisturizer

plump, glowy, hydrating cream


apple stem cell serum

Stem Cell Swiss Apple

hydrating, glowy skin serum


Imagine how good it feels when people compliment your skin.

All of us worry about aging skin and looking older than we feel. Unfortunately many of us lack the time or knowledge for a ten step routine. Catherine Jinn is your guide to helping you get healthy glowy skin with new modernistic packaging.

What Hydrated Skin Can Do For You.

Moisturizing the skin is a basic necessity to hydrated, soft, glowy skin. Hydration plays a vital role in the maintenance of your beauty.

At the core of all of our products are hydrating ingredients.

Modernistic Packaging

The pouch is called Bokjumoni, it’s a traditional Korean good luck pouch. Collect them all, unpack 15 different colors!

Pro Bio Placenta Essence Review – Amazon Customer:

“It is gel like when you first pump out and turns watery once you apply with a very light pleasant scent. Your skin drinks it up. Then you can layer on moisturizer or other heavier serums an sunscreen.”

From Carmine @ skincarmanyc.com:

“What makes Catherine Jinn uniquely positioned to be a force in skin care is that the company’s founder, Clara Song, also leads product development.”

Pro Bio Placenta Essence Review – CatherineJinn.com:

“I am beginning to notice more and more “experience lines”. I’m all about aging gracefully, key word, GRACEFULLY. To me gracefully means going from 0 to 100 very slowly. Catherine Jinn is helping me slow this process down.”

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Clara Song


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