Peptides & Inyline®

If you are looking for a way to reduce the appearance of pesky expression lines, the solution lies in peptides. What are peptides? They are biologically occurring short chains of amino acids which bond together when one amino acid’s amine group interacts with another’s  carboxyl group.

Inyline contains a hexapeptide which works to stop expression wrinkles at the source. Normally agrin is released in the brain by motor neurons at the synapsis which causes the -dismersation of MuSK. MuSK sets off a domino effect that leads to muscles contracting. Inyline interferes with the process by blocking the agrin.

When a study was performed on 20 female volunteers where a 5% Inlyne solution was applied twice a day for 28 days, a 14.9% decrease in wrinkles was found. So if you have wrinkles you would like reduced, consider treating them with Inyline.